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Delivery date: End of July 2024

If your delivery address is outside of Europe, additional delivery fees will apply. Once you have completed your order, our team will contact you to inform you of the exact amount and to get final confirmation before shipping.

FREE2GO - White

  • FREE2GO is a beach safe that is lightweight and compact for the user, yet its sides lift up to be filled with sand or pebbles at the beach. Its weight goes from 4 Kg to up to 80 Kg in under 2 minutes!

    At the end of the day, you need less than 1 minute to pack it and go. It basically empties itself!

    Your FREE2GO will be provided with its own backpack and heavy-duty combination lock.


    A true 3-in-1 product...

    Safe: The secure compartment within is large enough for all your valuables (keys, phones, glasses, money) and is secured by a combination lock (included).
    Beach umbrella stand: For sandy and pebble beaches alike! It adapts to all standard beach umbrellas, firmly keeping them in place.
    Side table: Perfect for keeping your drinks, glasses and phones far from the sand, but also for snacking or playing cards at the beach.

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